Terms Of Use / Refund Policy

Understanding Your Estimate

  • Only the items listed in the inventory are included in the total cost. Any additional items or any additional services added will result in additional fees.
  • This moving quote is based on the inventory you provided and you waive your right to a visual in-home estimate if the pickup location is within 50 miles from the estimators location.
  • Basic disassembly & reassembly of standard furniture items. Elaborate furniture items that need to be disassembled and/or reassembled may require third party servicing or additional labor and must be included in your quote. Disassembly and reassembly is subject to all tools and or parts being available.
  • Furniture pads, blankets to wrap & protect your furniture are used and not sold unless otherwise listed and fees charged per items ordered.
  • One free flight of stairs at origin/destination.
  • Loading and unloading of items.
  • Moving of the items up to seventy five feet from origin/destination.
  • Door to door service including tolls, fuel and taxes , Not including shuttle services if necessary.
  • An 18 wheeler tractor trailer may be used and must have access to items within seventy five feet from origin/destination.

Refund Policy

Customer acknowledges the deposit is only a portion of the total estimated charges, and the deposit is only refundable if, at least 7 business days (weekends and Holidays not included) prior to the load date , we receive notification in writing to change the pick up date , place the move on hold or cancel this agreement. I am aware that failure to comply with this refund policy will result in forfeiture of the deposit paid.


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